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How to pay for parking in Nairobi via USSD SMS and Online

How to pay for parking in Nairobi via USSD/SMS and Online

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How to pay for parking in Nairobi via USSD/SMS and Online


How to Pay via USSD

You can pay for parking your vehicle in Nairobi via the USSD code *235# by following the following steps

  • First, on your phone dial pad, dial *235#
  • Secondly, select option 1 from the list of e-payments options below
  • Then choose no. 1 for daily parking
  • In the next step, insert your vehicle number plate number
  • Then now select location
  • Choose the category of your vehicle: either it’s a commercial vehicle or private vehicle
  • Key enter 1 to continue with the payment process
  • Enter the amount you are paying then your M-pesa pin to compete the payment process
  • You will receive a confirming message within a short while to confirm the payments that you have done and the balance that has remained in your M-pesa

Note: city motorist will have to pay a fee of Ksh. 25 and from the amount only Ksh.  23 will be deducted by M-pesa to initiate the transaction while the Ksh.  2 will be charged as the service fee.

How to Pay for Parking in Nairobi Online.

If you are not able to pay to pay for parking through the short USSD code, then do not worry, here is how you can pay for the same parking via online all you need to have is a smartphone or a mobile that has stable internet connectivity.

  • Turn on your internet data connection or if you are using WIFI make sure that it is on and connected
  • Visit your phones browser, opera-mini or may be google chrome
  • Search for Nairobi County Portal and click on self service
  • Click continue or you can as well create your own account with the Nairobi County government and make sure that you have the following details, full names, mobile number, email address and generate your own password
  • Then the next step clicks parking and select the kind of kind which you want: daily parking, seasonal, penalty, off street or may be printing a receipt
  • Then now provide the location details, the number plate of your vehicle too, mobile number and the sate the type of your vehicle it is; private or commercial.
  • The payment fee will pop up on the screen, confirm and then proceed on with the payment
  • Enter your mobile pin and wait for a confirmation message to confirm that the above transaction has been successful.

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Nairobi County parking rates

The parking rates in Nairobi are as follows:

  • Parking a salon car daily is Ksh. 4,200
  • Parking public service vehicle ranges from 8000 to 10000
  • Parking a lorry could be higher than 20,000

The off tickets go for 5,000 which is a decrease since the price initially had been 6,300

Note: parking is free on public holidays and Sundays but on Saturday parking is only free from 2.00pm.

Rules and regulations for parking in Nairobi City.
  1. Do not place a sign or reserve a parking lot without permission from the Nairobi city government
  2. Do not park in a designated parking space without paying fees for that
  3. Do not park in the pavements or in the council gardens
  4. Do not direct or instruct a driver to park without permission
  5. Do not use a parking space for advertisement
  6. Do not interfere with markings or writings in the parking ticket
  7. Make sure you do not damage a vehicle clamp or may be remove it
  8. Obstructing an officer in these laws is an offense
  9. Knocking down an electricity pole is an offence and it will lead the owner to pay for the erection of another pole
  10. The Nairobi council will not be responsible for any broken clamp
  11. Always park your vehicle in the designated parking lot
  12. You require a commercial permit to charge for private parking
  13. All parking attendants should always be on parking uniform
  14. Paid tickets should be placed on the windscreen of the vehicle else it will mean that the payment has done been done
  15. Failing to pay for parking fee will lead to your vehicle get clamped

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Charges for parking in Nairobi CBD area
  • Motorists will be paying Ksh. 400 per day not as it was initially Ksh 200 to park at zone one
  • To park in zone two it will cost 300 Ksh.
  • To park in zone 3[areas outside zone one and zone two] it shall be Ksh 100



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