Tala loan Application, App, Requirements, Interest, PayBill Number, Terms and Conditions, Contacts

Tala loan Application, App, Requirements, Interest, PayBill Number, Terms and Conditions, Contacts

 Tala loan Application, App, Requirements, Interest, PayBill Number, Terms and Conditions, Contacts

Tala loan was developed by an Indian-American entrepreneur individual by the name Shirova Siroya back in the year 2011 as an app to offer instant credits.it operates in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Philippines, Indian and Mexico. It launched in Kenya back in the year 2014 as Mkopo Rahisi app.

     Requirements to Apply for a Tala loan
  • A national identification
  • Android powered smartphone
  • A Safaricom registered phone number
  • M-pesa account
     Tala loan limit

You can borrow from tala app a loan raging from Ksh 1000 to Ksh 50,000. Depending on your loan limit and credit score. For the new beginner you are allowed to borrow from 500-4,999.

     What happens if you fail to repay your Tala Loan?

If you fail to repay the Tala loan within the specified period of 30 days, then now Tala hires individual personnel who will be contacting you from time to time reminding you to repay your Tala loan. A late repayment penalty fee of 8% is also applied to your existing loan amount. When you borrow the loan, Tala managerial team will be also be keeping in touch with you by sending text message but when you fail to repay completely is when they will start contacting you over the phone.

 Tala loan interest rates

Tala loan app gives an individual a period of 30 days repayment period and the interest rates are 7% to 15% depending on your frequency for loan application.5% to 11% depending for a loan that will take 21 days repayment period.

       How to download and use tala app
  • Visit google play store and download and install Tala loan app
  • The app will ask you to choose the language that you would prefer to work with. Select the one that you would like to use and follow the next step
  • Next step the app will require you to review their terms and conditions of work such as

Manage calls-here you allow tala to call you

SMS-tala app here is seeking to know your transactional progress through SMS and this will help it in determining what loan to award you.

Contacts-tala is seeking to known your eligibility for the loan. Tala will never contact your friends or family members

   Location-tala uses your device location for research purposes and it helps them control fraud           activities.

  • After reviewing their terms and conditions click accept


  • Sign up into the app using your mobile M-pesa number
  • Follow the other prompt user steps in the app.

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How to apply for tala loan

To apply for Tala loan, follow the step by step activities listed below

  • Visit google play store and download and install Tala loan app
  • After downloading the app, sign up into the app using the phone number which you use for M-pesa
  • Read Tala loan terms and conditions.
  • Create your Tala account by following the registration prompts.
  • Once you are done with the registration, the next step will see loans offers available for you.
  • Apply for the loan in which you reach the qualification.
  • Tala loan app will take about less than five minutes to review your application details and process your loan
  • From there, you will get a notification from both Tala account and M-pesa confirming of your loan disbursement.

        NOTE: you cannot apply for another loan if you have not cleared your initial loan amount with Tala.


How to repay Tala loans

Follow these steps to repay your Tala loan

  • Go to sim toolkit and select M-pesa
  • Select Pay Bill
  • Enter Pay Bill number as 851900
  • Enter your mobile phone number as your account number.

This mobile number should be the one you registered for Tala loan with

  • Enter the amount the amount you borrowed plus the in
  • Confirm the details then click ok and you are done.

NOTE: if you repaid your tala loan and it has not reflected in your account, visit the tala loan app and send the M-pesa confirmation code via the support APP chat.

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Tala loan CRB listing.

If you delay for long without having to repay your tala loan and end up repaying it in a period of 112 days, your loan will be treated as default and your details are forwarded to the CRB through Metra poll. To check if your name is listed in the CRB, dial *433# and follow the prompts.

How long does it get tala loans?

If you have been approved to take tala loan, it will just take around three to four minutes for your loan to be processed and immediately sent to your M-pesa.

      How can I grow my tala loan limits?

To grow your tala loan limit, ensure that you repay your loan on time. The more you take more loans and repay on time the higher chances you stand yourself to get higher loans and the more the terms and conditions will be made easy for you.


    Tala Pay Bill number

If you want to repay your tala loan through pay bill number, then the tala loan pay bill number is 851900.

     How to check tala loan balance via SMS

To check your outstanding tala loan balance, send the word balance to the number 21991.  Then you will receive a notification containing your tala loan balance.

       How to check tala loan balance via tala app

 Open the tala app in your mobile phone and identify the place written view loan details. Tap the field and it will display for you, your outstanding loan balance.

   Tala contacts

Reach tala through the following contacts




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