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How to Make money online as a kid

How to Make money online as a kid

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How to Make money online as a kid

Allowing the kids to use their internet time earning money would not only get them glued to their social media networking dashboards but also get to be productive and possibly save up for those items they are admiring or want.


Before your kid can start making money, it is important for them to learn the idea of money. There many different ways to begin teaching your child about money for instance;


  • Taking them to the grocery store, supper market, shopping mall etc. to look at the price tags.
  • Having them tell you the price of things
  • Introducing children to various methods of payment for groceries, such as credit/debit card, cheque, cash, and so on.

There many various ways in which your kid can use to earn money. Here are some of the ways kids can use to earn money online:



Sell stuff online

As children grow, they outgrow their toys, clothes, and other belongings. All of their belongings wind up stacked on the darkest shelf in their closet or in the saddest corner of their room.

Parents can assist their children in sorting through all of their old staffs. Those in good working order can be sold on the internet. Take pictures to use on online auction sites or social media.


Play Games

Kids with gaming skills can put them in to good use by earning their own money from them. A lot of programmers out here are looking for people to test their games and will pay for it.

Apart from using the professionals, they prefer kids as the best reviewers as they make up a vast market for the creators.

Furthermore, once children have mastered the game, they can enter competitions in which they can earn monetary awards.


Make You Tube channels

Kids can create content on any subject they’re interested in, whether it’s a cosmetics tutorial or a world Minecraft.

They earn money through ads and sponsorship. However, they need help in setting up the YouTube channel to help protect their privacy and manage expectations.




Kids with photography skills and a smartphone with access to editing software can make amazing money by selling their images as stock photography.

EyeEm, Foap, and 123rf are some of the sites that can help them make money with their talent.


Take online paid surveys

Kids can help share their opinion to help brands deliver better products and services and get paid in cash or gift cards.

Survey junkie and swag bucks are the most recommended for signing up. With swag bucks you get up to $5 bonus just for signing up.

However, if you want to make a reasonable living, you’ll need to participate in a lot more surveys.


Sell Candy and Baked food stuffs

Kids with baking skills and creativity on how to create sweet candies can put their skills in to good use by making the things they love and putting them online for sale.

To improve their orders, they can advertise their stuffs on social media especially by using the help of their friends and family members.

Start a website / Blogging

Kids are recommended starting a website especially on WordPress even if it’s just for fun since this an excellent way to make a lot of money and age does not matter.

They can start with a simple website and in the process continue developing their skills and even be able to create complex websites which means more money.


Furthermore, if a kid has the skills to write something fun to read and engaging, they are encouraged use their skills and make money from them.

Restaurant reviews, novels, movies, and video games are just a few of the topics people can write about and post on blogs. They can also place advertisements on their blogs or encourage firms to send them products in exchange for a review.

Baby sit

This is a good money earning option especially for kids who only spend most of their time at home. Just helping mums with taking care of the baby.

Perhaps when they are at the job, travelling, busy at home etc. They only have to be good at entertaining the kids and get paid.


Car detailing Services

This generally includes a car wash, polishing inside out, and window washing and vacuuming. This is something a kid can easily do and earn a handsome amount of money.

It mainly favors kids from towns either big or small as they have the advantage to many customers.


Monetize social media accounts

This option of earning requires time and dedication.

However, a good number of kids have earned recognition and good cash from dancing, giving tutorials, reviewing toys or creating any other content on various platforms for instance YouTube, TIKTOK, Instagram and allow children 13 and up to use their services.


Teach other people a new skill

You can share information about your talents and hobbies that others may not know about but would like to learn about.

Also, to others who share your interests or talents and can benefit from your information. This can be accomplished by holding a class, such as a coding class, or by teaching a lesson, such as music, painting, or cookery.


Create and sell jewellery online

This is a small business idea but could be great to kids who are naturally crafty.

Making jewellery or crafts and selling them online could help them make a good flow of cash as well as spend their time productively.

This can also help them create their career path and may be even end up with their own beauty brands later in life.

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