Affiliate Marketing Guide in Kenya with Examples

Affiliate Marketing Guide in Kenya with Examples

Affiliate Marketing Guide in Kenya with Examples

The basic concept of affiliate marketing is you promote products of some companies and once they sell a product through your website/blog/page, you will get commission for each sale. The complete process is called affiliate marketing. It is basically a partnership between two parties i.e., the merchant (company) and the affiliate (you)

Affiliate marketing is a good way for companies to improve their sales. As an affiliate, you’ll earn a commission depending on whether you will convince people to purchase particular products and services. This advertising method is cost effective for companies because they will only pay upon realization of sales, unlike other methods where a lot of money can be spent only to enjoy zero profits.

If you’re an affiliate, note that you’ll only generate income on bringing on-board as many customers as possible. Below is a review of how affiliate marketing works in Kenya.

Starting Affiliate marketing in Kenya

As a new affiliate, you need to understand how this concept works. Failure to do so may mean reducing your chances of gaining a lot from affiliate marketing.

The first thing involves researching to obtain a list of some companies that allow for affiliate marketing. By doing this it will be possible for you to decide the best ones to deal with depending on the likelihood of making a lot of money. During your research, you may find the below companies offering this opportunity to interested individuals:

  • Kilimall
  • Jumia
  • Amazon
  • Coursera
  • BlueHost
  • eBay
  • Fiverr
  • Udemy
  • Shopify


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For a better understanding, let’s review how to become an affiliate on Jumia, which is an ecommerce platform in Kenya:

  1. Click to create an account.
  2. Choose a product that you want to promote from Jumia’s website.
  3. Copy the product’s URL.
  4. Use your new log in details to access your Jumia affiliate account.
  5. Click on advertising, then custom links.
  6. Select e-commerce (Kenya)
  7. Paste the URL you copied on step 6.
  8. Click on copy to receive product URL that contains your affiliate code.
  9. Use a link shortener to make this link short.
  10. You can now share the link with your network on whatever platform you find most effective.
  11. Under reports, click on conversions to track the effectiveness of your techniques.

Regarding earnings, men’s clothing and shoes come with a basic commission of 6.25% and a bonus of 1.75%, adding up to 8.00%. The same applies for women’s clothes and shoes. To maximise your earnings, ensure you invite as many people as possible to buy using your link.

Kindly note that each company comes with different rules on how affiliate marketing will be done, so research is very important.


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