FlashPesa Loan App, Application, PayBill Number, App Download, and Customer Care Contacts

FlashPesa Loan App, Application, PayBill Number, App Download, and Customer Care Contacts

FlashPesa Loan App, Application, PayBill Number, App Download, and Customer Care Contacts

FlashPesa is an online lender that offers loans to interested individuals, provided there is an assurance that these people can repay as expected. The best thing about loans by FlashPesa is that they’re credited to one’s account within no time, so there’s no need to wait weeks to meet urgent financial needs. If you’re thinking about applying for a loan with FlashPesa, ensure that you meet the requirements below:

  • Be aged 20-55 years.
  • Have a stable income source.
  • Have a valid phone number.
FlashPesa App Download

With FlashPesa being an online lender, you should download the app by following the steps below:

  1. Visit Google Play store.
  2. Search the app by typing the name FlashPesa.
  3. Click install.
  4. Launch the app.

Once you have the app on your phone, you can now begin the application process, where you’ll be required to add pieces of information, such as, income status, name, age, phone number, and, ID number, among others. Also, you’ll have to allow permissions for the app to access your phone details and SMS, as this is the kind of information that will help determine your credit worthiness so that you can view your credit limit.

Depending on your personal details, which should be accurate, you’ll see your loan limit, after which you can apply for the loan and receive the cash through Mpesa. Note that the maximum amount you can apply for is Ksh 50,000.


FlashPesa Loan Repayment

Two days before maturity of the loan, you’ll receive a reminder, so you have no excuse for forgetting to meet your obligation. Follow the steps below to repay your loan:

  1. Launch your Safaricom Toolkit.
  2. Open Mpesa menu.
  3. Select Lipa Na Mpesa.
  4. Choose the PayBill option.
  5. Enter the PayBill number, 911280.
  6. Enter your phone number as the account number. Ensure it’s the one you used when registering your account on FlashPesa.
  7. Input the amount of money to repay.
  8. Enter your Mpesa Pin number.
  9. Click Ok to complete the transaction.

Alternatively, you can repay the loan through the App.

With good networking skills, you can earn money through the app and use this cash to repay your loan. All you have to do is invite people to apply for loans on FlashPesa, using your unique invite link. If their loan gets approved, you’ll earn Ksh 150.

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FlashPesa PayBill Number

The PayBill Number for FlashPesa is 911280

FlashPesa Privacy and Permissions

When you download FlashPesa, you will be asked for permission to use the data on your phone to verify your identity and generate a credit score.

To protect your privacy, they encrypt the data you choose to share with them. They value your privacy and promise never to share your information with third parties.


FlashPesa Customer Care Contacts

Email Address: [email protected]

Phone Number: 0769159474


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