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FairCash loan app, FairCash Loans

FairCash loan app download, FairKash Loans

Updated on July 4th, 2022 at 9:03 pm

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FairCash loan app download, FairKash Loans

FairCash also known as FairKash is a trustworthy Money lending. Users can download the FairCash loan app on their mobile devices and apply for loans. The loans are digital, so users can apply for them from anywhere, anytime.

FairCash app has been designed to make the process of borrowing and lending money faster, and more transparent. The app is available for download in Google Play Store.

Traditionally finding a lender to give you a loan when you need the money urgently and was challenging because the procedures were very long. Even after going through such long procedures, there’s a probability that one’s loan would be rejected.

FairCash is one of the many lenders in Kenya, hoping to solve the financial problems of as many individuals as possible. If you’re wondering how digital lenders operate, below is a short review focusing on FairCash loan app

FairCash Loan Application

FairCash is an online money-lender, so you need the app on your phone to access its services. Download it by following the steps below:

  • Visit the Google Play Store.
  • Search the app( FairKash) through the search bar.
  • Click Install and the app will download automatically.

On downloading the app, fill in your details as prompted and ensure you provide accurate information.

Once your details get verified, you can apply for a loan.


FairCash Features

1.No hidden charges;
2. You can borrow up to KES 50,000
3. You can choose your payment tenure;
4. It is secure, reliable, and flexible;
5.We provide a credit decision;
6.We are available 24 hours, every day of the week.


FairCash Loan Repayment

To repay your FairCash loan, follow the steps below:

  1. Launch your phone’s Safaricom App or Toolkit.
  2. Open M-Pesa menu.
  3. Select Lipa Na M-Pesa
  4. Select PayBill.
  5. Enter the business number, which is 4074255.
  6. Input your phone number, as the account number.
  7. Add the amount of money you are repaying.
  8. Enter your Mpesa Pin.
  9. Click ok.


You’ll increase your chances of receiving more loans in the future if you pay on time, so avoid late payment at all costs.

To be on the safe side, use the customer care details to explain anything that may result in late payment, so that you get all the information you need before applying for a loan.

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FairCash PayBill Number

The PayBill Number for FairCash is 4074255


Personal information FairCash collects

  1. Contact information such as your name and company
  2. Additional information such as your age date of birth nationality
  3. Comments, questions request and orders you make
  4. Financial information needed to process payments such as mobile money payments
  5. Phone contacts in your your device needed for collection purposes


FairCash Customer Care Number

Mobile Number: 0743 736 277

Email Address: [email protected]

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  1. Hello I apply for a loan of 5k and u are telling me to pay 3500 as interest. Jesus that’s much in this current situation of the country

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