Royal Prestige Insurance Agency Plans, Products, and contacts

Royal Prestige Insurance Agency Plans, Products, and contacts

Royal Prestige Insurance Agency Plans, Products, and contacts

It’s not always possible to predict what will happen in the future. You may think that life will unfold in the best way, only to be disappointed by future occurrences. For instance, a time may come where you’ll have to fund your family member’s unexpected hospital bills. In such an event, it would help if you had insurance cover to avoid suffering financially. Luckily, there are service providers like Royal Prestige Insurance Agency, ready to meet your needs.

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Royal Prestige Insurance Agency Plans and products

Royal Prestige insurance agency is an agent whose work involves collaborating with insurance companies to offer the best products to customers. This company has provided insurance assistance for 15 years, which is a lot of time to learn how to deal with customers and ensure their needs are satisfied at all times. Some companies that Royal Prestige Insurance agency collaborates with include:

  • CIC insurance company
  • Jubilee insurance
  • Kenya Orient
  • British American Insurance Company (BRITAM)
  • ICEA Lion

Royal prestige insurance Agency offers various products as explained below:

  1. Motor insurance – this insurance product aims to protect you against the financial challenges that come with motor-related accidents and theft. Investing in this product will ensure you never have to worry about the monetary consequences of such occurrences.
  2. Medical insurance – this involves covers that protect the insured against the cost associated with seeking high-quality healthcare. Different packages come with varying limits to accommodate each individual regardless of their financial capability.
  3. Personal accident cover – for instance, if you’re a student on internship, taking this cover will ease the burden that comes with medical bills after suffering an accident.
  4. Professional indemnity cover – If you offer professional services to people or companies, there is a chance that your advice or actions may result in losses for your clients. Taking a professional indemnity cover will reduce the costs you’ll incur when trying to correct your mistakes.
Royal Prestige Insurance Agency Contacts

Phone number: 0722621763

Physical address: Jooi Centre, 1st floor, Karuri, P.O. Box 1552-00902 Kikuyu.



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