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How to get an M-Pesa statement via SMS, Email and Online

How to get an M-Pesa statement via SMS, Email and Online

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How to get an M-Pesa statement via SMS, Email and Online

An M-pesa statement is detailed report showing the latest mpesa transaction an individual has carried out over a certain period of time from safaricom. Having an mpesa statement greatly helps in situations whereby you have deleted your mpesa messages and you would like to see the transactions you made initially.

Also some other institutions like the bank may require you to first produce an mpesa statement when creating a bank account. It is free getting an mpesa statement.

Note that you can get your mpesa statement directly to your phone without having to visit safaricom shop through the following ways:

  • Via message
  • Your email address
  • My safaricom app
  • Via online
How to get mpesa statement via sms

There are two types of mpesa statements namely;

  • Mini mpesa statement
  • Full mpesa statement

Mini mpesa statement is a short message that shows the latest five mpesa statement carried on your mpesa about an hour older.

To get a mini mpesa statement you need to follow the steps below:
  1. On your mobile phone dial pad select *234#
  2. On the suggestion options select 5 (mpesa information) and press send
  3. Next step select 1 (m-pesa statement) and press send
  4. Next step select 2(mini statement) and press send
  5. A message will then be sent to your inbox showing you your latest mpesa transactions

Full mpesa statement is a full detailed report that shows receipt number, completion date, transaction status, paid, withdrawn and balance of all transaction made on your mpesa account over a period of time. It is send directly to your email address as a pdf. The following steps shows how to get a full mpesa statement.

  • On your mobile phone dial pad select *234#
  • On the suggestion options select  (mpesa information) and press send
  • Select  (m-pesa statement) and press send
  • select (full statement) and press send
  •  Input your national identification number or document of registration number
  • Input your email address for example ([email protected]) and ensure that it is the valid email address you use since it is the place where your mpesa statement will be sent to
  • You will then receive a text message of successful registration reading as follows: (you have successfully registered to receive to receive your mpesa statement by the 5th day of every month. Your six months’ statement will be sent to you shortly) then your mpesa statement will be send directly to your email address within a period of four minutes.

 Note Repeat the same process if there is a network error


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How to get an mpesa statement via the my safaricom application?

You can also get an mpesa statement via safaricom application which is available from google play store. once you have the app which will permit you to use safaricom data bundles only, enter your mobile phone number in order to create a password that will be send as sms and you will use it to log into your account.

When logged in look for mpesa and then click on it

Scroll down to look for an mpesa statement then select the period which you would like to get mpesa statement for.

Immediately after finishing those steps, the statement will be sent directly to your email address

Note you can also subscribe to safaricom to get monthly statement before 4th of every new month

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How to get a mpesa statement online/Email Address

You can get your mpesa online within the shortest time possible without having keeping receipts or keeping you, mpesa transaction messages on your mobile phone by following the step by step activities below:

  • Access your email account and scroll to the safaricom email containing your statement
  • When asked to input password key in your identification card number registered with your line
  • Enter email address
  • You will have your mpesa statement sent to your email address

You can also process your mpesa statement via mledger app that produces mpesa statements by scanning mpesa messages from your mobile phone and later creates a database from them.

The higher the number of mpesa messages from your mobile phone the longer it will take to produce your, mpesa statement although the app is currently unavailable from the google play store.


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