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Google Drive Technology, Storage, features, File Sharing and Integration

Google Drive Technology, Storage, features, File Sharing and Integration

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Google Drive Technology, Storage, features, File Sharing and Integration


The cloud word in cloud technology refers to the delivery of computing services – the services that include analytics, databases, networking, software, intelligence, and storage over the internet. A user isn’t bound to access any service from his local computer only. The purpose of cloud technology is to offer flexible centralized resources and faster innovation.


Storing sensitive files on the local machine has always been a problem for businessmen. They find a logical way to store files on a cloud — Google Drive similar to One Drive or Dropbox.


If you want to know about Google Drive behavior as a cloud, you’re in the right place. We have done the research and organized content that you will find helpful as well as interesting. So, the wait is over. Let’s get started!


How Google Drive works as a cloud

Cloud behaves like a disk drive that is purchased or owned by a company. For example, Google or Apple have purchased their servers that store files remotely. Users can access those files from anywhere with an internet connection independently of their local machine.

We all use cloud technology every day such as Facebook, Netflix, and Gmail. All videos and photos are stored on a server which can be retrieved at any time.

Google Drive sync files between multiple devices. If you upload any file on the drive from the computer then through the mobile app you can easily access that file. And one of the best features of google drive is its integration with other Google apps like Google’s cloud-based office suite.

Key Features

Google Drive has become a common name in anyone’s mind when we think about cloud services for file sharing. There are lots of services to pick from and some of them leave their users surprised like it gives 15GB free storage space on a cloud. If you want to get more space then you can avail it till 1TB.


Some of its key features are briefly explained below:


1.     Storing Files


You can upload or create files on the drive from its interface in by default free storage space. Free storage space can be used across google drive, google photos, and Gmail. If you find that your all space has been utilized, apply for a premium account.


2.     Making Search Easier


Drive supports a comprehensive search feature by recognizing images and text from scanned documents even. This makes the search easier!


3.     Security


Recently, there were lots of rumors regarding the WhatsApp updated security policy. Google Drive is a secure storage cloud protecting user’s essentials documents and photos. Files are protected by AES128 encryption or AES256 encryption. Other google’s services are also protected by the same security protocol.


4.     Accessing Files


You can easily access files from any corner of the world even from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. You need the google drive app on your device. And importantly, an offline feature is also available on google drive.


5.     File Sharing


Drive makes file sharing simple. To share any file, video, or document click on the right top menu icon and click on share. A pop-up window will be displayed demanding a Gmail address.


6.     Integration with Google Docs


Any file created in the drive has an option to be edited by many users at once. It means at a time, multiple users can collaborate on one document in real-time sitting in different places having their local machines.


7.     Integration with Gmail


If you’re a Gmail user then it an exciting news for you that Gmail offers you full integration with google drive. Now, attach any file on the drive by just clicking the google drive icon.


Features aren’t limited to this context only, if you open a document from Gmail, it gives you an option to download the same file or save it on the drive.


Final Words


People are more convenient to choose Google drive due to its affordability, easy file sharing, easy file accessing and ubiquitous across many operating systems. The most important and likable feature is to have a backup when your hard drive stays no more. Indeed, it has become the need of the hour!








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