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CreditHela loan App, Application, Interests, PayBill Number, Terms & Contacts

Credit Hela loan, App, Application, Interests, PayBill Number, Terms and Conditions Contacts

Updated on July 29th, 2021 at 6:47 pm

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CreditHela loan App, Application, Interests, PayBill Number, Terms & Contacts

CreditHela App

CreditHela loan app is loan app in Kenya which gives loan to Kenyans through M-pesa. It is owned by the O-stream CL to provide fastest and safest   way to access loans online. It is an online platform where you can get loans without having to bring along with you along Paper work materials.

 CreditHela loan limit

The leader provides loans raging from Ksh 1500 the minimum amount to Ksh 80,000 maximum amount.

  Terms and conditions of credit Hela loan app
  1. You must be truthful- credit Hela loan app calls for honesty, it requires one to provide genuine profile details and entry entities and appropriate consequences apply for any deceitful detail
  2. This is a contract – you must understand that this is a contract and terms and conditions of a contract apply.
  3. You must accept own privacy policy- accepting our privacy policy requires that you input your personal information and by agreeing to our terms and conditions it means that you agree Hela loan app to take your details
  4. You must keep your account secure. Ensure that confidential information like the password and username are kept well, do not give people your passwords to individuals anyhow
  5. CreditHela loan app loan fee is payable on the top of the amount of money you borrow
  6. You must repay credit Hela loan on the date provided otherwise you will incur a loan fee
  7. If you fail to repay credit Hela loan, your loan will; treated as a default and you may end up being listed in CRB if you do not repay totally
  8. CreditHela loan may contact you or any of your emergency number in the times when you are not repaying your loan. It may send continuous messages to your or at sometimes to any of your emergence phone numbers
  9. You must CreditHela loan rights in the service
  10. CreditHela may discontinue you from the service- in cases whereby you are not repaying your loan in the agreed proportions, they may disqualify you in future loan contract.
  11. No warranties pertaining their loans
  12. This contract is based on Kenyan law. This means that, before formulating their  loan activities, they liaise with Kenyan government to come up with the rules and the functionality
  13. CreditHela loan app is not liable to any damages that may occurs during the loan application procedure
  14. CreditHela terms and condition are subject to modification.


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  CreditHela loan requirements

To get a loan from credit Hela loan app, you are required to have the following necessities:

  • A national identification card
  • Android powered smartphone
  • A Safaricom registered phone number
  • M-pesa account
  • The individual applying for the loan should be above 18 years of age
How to download credit Hela app and apply for loans

Follow the outlined below steps to apply for a credit Hela loans

  • Go to google play store and search CreditHela loan app
  • Download and install the app in your mobile phone
  • Sign up into the app using M-pesa Safaricom registered number
  • Create your own profile
  • Select your loan limit
  • Apply for the loan you will receive the money via M-pesa.

NOTE: remember to repay your loan on time to avoid possible penalties arising from late repayment of the loans. Repaying your loan on time increases the chances of you borrowing a higher amount of loan when you come to ask for another loan.

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CreditHela app application form details

it is a three-step application form whereby in the first step you will be required to fill in your personal details

  • Your full three names
  • Your id numbers
  • Your gender
  • Your date of birth
  • Your marital status
  • Your education levels
  • Your residential status

The next form other information requires you to enter the following details

  • Employment
  • Monthly income
  • Salary payday
  • Personal email
  • You will be asked if you have other outstanding loans

The last form will require you to feed in contact information

Of the referees and state your relationship with them.

How to repay credit loans

There are two ways you can you use to repay your credit loan namely:

  1. Within the app
  2. By use of M-pesa PayBill number
CreditHela PayBill Number

The PayBill Number for CreditHela is 7186653

Repaying through M-pesa
  • Go to sim toolkit and select M-pesa
  • Select PayBill
  • Enter PayBill number as 7186653
  • Enter your mobile phone number as your account number.

This mobile number should be the one you registered for credit Hela loan with

  • Enter the amount the amount you borrowed plus the interest.
  • Confirm the details then click ok and you are done

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Repaying through the App

To repay your credit Hela loan through the app itself, just log in the app using your log in details and select the field M-pesa pay button and follow the user prompt instructions in the app.

CreditHela loan app interest

The interest rate for repaying credit Hela loans is 18.8% to 30% depending on the amount that you borrowed and the repayment deadline which you chose.

CreditHela loan USSD code

If you do not have an android smartphone and you would like to receive a loan from credit Hela app, then do not worry, simply dial the USSD dial code *871# and follow the prompt user instructions.

CreditHela loan app Customer Care contacts

Email addresses: [email protected]

Facebook: @credithela.KE

WhatsApp: 0110895800


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