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List of Businesses to Start with 100k in Kenya

List of Businesses to Start with 100k in Kenya

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List of Businesses to Start with 100k in Kenya

Investing is the best way to see your money grow and one way to do this is by starting a business. There are many business ideas to choose from but you cannot start any of them without determining whether it’s a good decision or not.


This is because all businesses do not come with the same requirements. Research extensively or communicate with a business advisor to understand the best niche to concentrate in so that you do not end up pouring all your savings down the drain.


For a deeper understanding, below are some features that differentiate businesses:


  • Capital requirement

Money is essential in any business as it determines the number of items one can have in stock, the number of employees to hire, and the business location, among others. However, some businesses require a large capital investment than others.


Therefore, you should consider your financial wellbeing before making up your mind about the business to start. However, the good thing is that there are lenders ready to offer cash provided you promise to pay back on time.

  • Human labor requirement

Some businesses will require you to hire employees while you can be the sole employee of other ventures.

For instance, if you run a car wash, you’ll need more than one person to serve your clients, whereas the case is different when running a retail shop where you can do all the work by yourself. If it’s not necessary, don’t spend too much money on hiring an additional workforce, until the business is stable enough to handle this expense.



  • Target market

Your target market is different from that of another entrepreneur, especially if you’re not dealing with the same products and services.

For instance, if you want to deal with baby diapers, most of your customers will be parents who have young children, whereas someone running a general shop will target all kinds of people provided they have money. You should consider whether your prospects can make your business grow or not before choosing a niche.


  • Technical skills required

Starting some businesses requires that you possess various skills. For instance, if you hope to be a web designer or salon owner, you must have undergone training that makes you knowledgeable enough to satisfy your clients. Otherwise, there’s a likelihood that your services will not meet your customer’s expectations.

On the other hand, some ventures like car wash businesses, only require basic cleaning skills, and it’s possible to learn on the job.


Upon considering the features above, here are some businesses you can start with 100k in Kenya:


  1. Poultry business

With this business, you have a choice to focus on broilers or layers. With the former, you’ll rear chicks and wait for them to grow so that you can sell them at a profit and replace them with the others, while you have a chance to earn from selling eggs if you choose to buy layers. Either way, you’ll have to invest in a cage that costs approximately Ksh 40,000, chicks at Ksh 30,000, and spend the rest on medical check-ups as well as buying feeds for the chicks.



  1. General retail shop

This business entails, selling a little bit of everything, provided that what you have in stock is what people use in their daily lives. For instance, you can buy, salt, maize, and wheat flour, cooking oil, light matches, tissues, detergents, bread, cakes, and various types of edibles, among others. This way, if a customer comes to your shop requesting something that they need urgently, you’ll not send them to another seller. Therefore, you need to critically think about the kind of items that customers use often.


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  1. Cybercafe

You can start this kind of business and start offering services, such as printing, photocopying, scanning, browsing, and also accessing online services like eCitizen. To start, you’ll buy computers, all-in-one printers, and rent a physical room where customers can visit for these services.


Depending on how well the business performs, you can hire someone to help with serving the customer, but don’t do so if you’re still unsure of its productivity.


  1. Clothing store

With this business, you’ll have to decide whether to concentrate on men’s, ladies’ or children’s clothing. Regardless of the decision you make, ensure to fill your shop with high-quality and unique outfits, so that your customers do not consider going to other sellers.


Only shop from the best suppliers, or manufacturers, regardless of the cost, as doing so will benefit your business in the long run.


  1. Hotel business

Most people do not have time to prepare home-cooked meals or just want to enjoy something out of the ordinary. With Ksh 100,000, you can start a hotel and prepare dishes that many individuals enjoy. For instance, you can choose to concentrate on African dishes, or simpler meals like fries, and sausages, but whatever you decide, make sure that all types of food are prepared to perfection by a skilled chef.

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