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Asapkash Loan Application, PayBill Number, App download, Customer Care Contacts

Asapkash Loan Application, PayBill Number, App download, Customer Care Contacts

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Asapkash Loan Application, PayBill Number, App download, Customer Care Contacts

AsapKash Loan App

Owned by Fintech Kenya limited, the AsapKash loan app is a loan provider that ensures financial challenges do not stop qualified borrowers from achieving their money-related goals. Interested individuals can access these loans through M-pesa, meaning they have to use phone numbers that allow this service.

Downloading the AsapKash Loan App

With this loan service, you don’t necessarily have to visit their office premises. You only have to download the AsapKash loan app on your smartphone by following these easy steps:

  1. Launch your Play store App, and type the word AsapKash
  2. Click the install button after the app appears on your screen
  3. Once the system marks this installation as complete, click on the open button

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How to apply for an AsapKash Loan

On visiting the AsapKash loan app after installation, you’ll be prompted to accept the app’s privacy policy before creating an account. Below are some details that you’ll find in the policy:

  • Information that you’ll be required to provide
  • How AspKash loan app will use this information
  • The period within which your details will remain in the database
  • An assurance that your information will be safe

After accepting the privacy policy, you’ll be required to allow the app to read your contacts. The next steps involve verifying your phone number and giving permission for this app to access your camera, location, and SMSs. On doing this, you can apply for a loan ranging from Ksh 500 to Ksh 8,000, provided you’ve given details on:

  • Current location
  • Full names
  • Identification number
  • Nature of employment
  • Alternative contact details

Please be careful about your reasons for borrowing money because you’ll have to pay later whether you’ll be in a good financial position or not.

How to repay your AsapKash Loan

When paying back your loan, you can do so through the AsapKash loan app. There is no need to use the PayBill option available to M-pesa users.

Asapkash PayBill Number

The PayBill Number for AsapKash is 4047993 (Deltech Kenya Ltd)

AsapKash App Customer Care Contacts

To obtain more information on AsapKash loans, you can reach the customer care team through:

Phone number: +254207903179

Website: https://www.asapkash.co.ke

E-mail: [email protected]



  1. Please my loan is not yet disbursed about an hour

  2. Hi Judy,Get in Touch whith AsapKash by Mobile Number, +254207903179

  3. I was called and told to update my profile, but still not able to access

  4. What’s app yesterday i cleared my loan as Nd applied for another one and it hasn’t gone through what could b the matter

  5. My loan has not been disbursed almost 24 hours now! What could be the problem?

  6. I paid my first loan in time,
    I applied the second loan took three days before disbursement
    Received the loan 09/12/21 when check my loan details the system says l am 6 days overdue
    What is the meaning of this

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